Prep & Play Preschool is currently enrolling for the 2013-2014 school year.  We will have openings beginning in June.  Please contact the Center if you are interested in more information or to schedule a time to tour our facility!

Prep & Play Child Care provides a safe and fun learning environment for children between the ages of 2 and 5. We are a high-quality childcare facility that provides excellent care to the young children under our supervision, and our full educational programs are renowned citywide for preparing children for their entrance into the municipal education system. Prep & Play Child Care is a name you can trust with the care and development of your children. Call us today for more information.
Prep & Play Child Care
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  Caring for children age 2 through 5.

Many parents are concerned about keeping their children safe while they are at play. Statistics show that the majority of playgrounds can pose serious threats to the safety of children. The following are some statistics about playground related injuries:
  • Each year over 200,000 preschool and elementary school aged children receive emergency care due to playground related injuries
  • 17 children die each year in playground related accidents
  • Almost 70% of all injuries occurred at public playgrounds, while 67% of all deaths occurred at home playgrounds
  • For children 0 - 4 swings had the highest rate of incidence, followed by slides and climbing equipment
  • For children 5 - 14 climbing equipment had the highest rate of incidence, followed by swings and slides
  • The majority of accidents occur between April and September
Prep & Play Child Care enforces the following safety rules for all the children in our care to minimize the chance of accidents on our playground.

1.   One person at a time on the slide.
2.   Climb stairs slowly.
3.   Hold onto handrails.
4.   Slide sitting down and facing forward.
5.   Move away from the slide once you reach the ground.
6.   Don't climb on support beams or poles.
7.   Don't stand up on swings.
8.   Wear shoes at all times, preferably tennis shoes or other closed toed shoes.
9.   Don't wear sweatshirts/coats with drawstrings.
10. Don't jump off of swings, slide or other playgroud equipment.