Prep & Play Preschool is currently enrolling for the 2013-2014 school year.  We will have openings beginning in June.  Please contact the Center if you are interested in more information or to schedule a time to tour our facility!

Prep & Play Child Care provides a safe and fun learning environment for children between the ages of 2 and 5. We are a high-quality childcare facility that provides excellent care to the young children under our supervision, and our full educational programs are renowned citywide for preparing children for their entrance into the municipal education system. Prep & Play Child Care is a name you can trust with the care and development of your children. Call us today for more information.
Prep & Play Child Care
... Where your kids come first!

  Caring for children age 2 through 5.

Q: Do you have an open door policy?

A: Yes. Parents are welcome to visit and pick up their children at any point during the day. However, we do ask that you notify us ahead of time to minimize the disruption to our daily routine.

Q: Is there a snack program for children in your care?

A: Yes. All children enrolled at Prep & Play Child Care receive a morning and an afternoon snack that consists of juice, fruit, muffins, cereal, yogurt, or hot snacks such as pizza bites or chicken nuggets. If your child has allergies or special dietary restrictions, parents are welcome to send special snacks from home.  Lunch would be provided by parents.

Q: What kind of emergency training does your staff have?

A: All of our childcare providers are required to have infant and child first aid and CPR training.

Q: Is there any way to set up an appointment to visit the center?

A: Yes.  You are welcome to call or email the director to set up a time to view the center.  Appointment times are generally held at 9am or 3:30pm in order to minimize disruption to the children's day.  You are more than welcome to bring your children or other family members to the appointment.